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Is there a limit to how much my kid can bring with them?

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Are you allowed to ride a scooter, roller blades or bike?

Here at the West49 Indoor Skatepark we openly welcome scooter riders and bladers of all ages during our drop in hours. We do not allow bikes within the facility as it is not designed for them and is too small of a venue to host such an activity safely.

The lessons times don't work for me, Do you offer private lessons or lessons at another time?

Unfortunately we are only able to provide lessons on Saturday mornings and do not do any private lessons of any type.


All the available lesson programs are listed on the website along with our online registration for them.


As more programs become available they will be listed on this website.

What skill level is my child?

We separate our riders into four basic groups, first timer, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

First timer - Has never ridden on a skateboard and/or is learning how to balance on a skateboard, is unable to push themselves.

Beginner - Can push themselves and ride down small banks. Has learned to use the tail to do tick-tacks and can perform small manuals. Is capable of basic mobility on a skateboard and understands park etiquette.

Intermediate - Can push at high speed and ride down big banks, ride up and down a quarter-pipe, pivot, hold a manual, ride off curbs and other drops and is learning to ollie, can use the nose of their board and drop-in.

Advanced - Is able to ollie and drop-in, they should also be working on more technical skills like pop shuv its, 180's, fakie tricks, kickflips, 50-50's, boardslides, rock and rolls, axle stalls and other more difficult skills. They are also able to ride off tall drops and know how to fall correctly to keep themselves safe.

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