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Skateboarding Lessons

Drop-in Lessons

All Ages and abilities!

First timer to Advanced

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Don't have time for a full lesson program? Come stop by today for a Drop-In Lesson!

The Drop-In Lessons are a half-hour lesson for any rider of any ability! The lessons focus on breaking down the complex skills required to skateboard and provide the skills necessary for successful riding outside of the lessons. All riders will learn the basic components of their skateboard, correct maintenance/adjustment and how to keep themselves safe.

The lessons are run on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to refuse a Drop-In lesson if the facility is too busy to safely coach. Maximum 3 children per drop-in lesson.


Call before your visit to check for park availability. 604-948-4847

Equipment and safety gear rental included

Drop-in Lesson - $35/half-hour

***You will not receive a confirmation email once registered***

*if you have completed and submitted the registration form above you are confirmed registered for class. *


*We will not remove anyone from a class or over-book classes*

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