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Our Skatepark Staff


Skatepark Manager

Trint is a bilingual skateboarding coach, speaking English and French.

He specialises in summer camp programs, after school camps, movement therapy and elite skateboard training.


Trint is certified in First Aid and has many years of experience working for North Vancouver and West Vancouver Recreation coaching skateboarding and gymnastics. Trint blends his experience from coaching gymnastics with a vast knowledge gathered from his professional snowboarding career to create the most exciting and educational skateboard programs available.


Trint has been skateboarding for 15 years and coaching for seven, with his years of experience, Trint is able to offer an extremely exciting and safe learning environment for people of all ages and abilities.

- First Aid/CPR/Defibrillator

- High Five
- Gymnastics BC Level 1 (Theory, Practical, Artistic Specific)

- CASI – Snowboarding Level 1 and Terrain Park Certification
- Child Safety and Injury Prevention
- Bronze Cross Lifeguarding
- Class 4 Driver’s License



- 7th place Pro in the World for Freestyle Skatebording (Presented at World Freestyle Round-up Skateboarding Competition, Cloverdale, BC, 2017/18)

- 2017 Big Rio Freestyle Contest 1st Place Amateur

- 2016 World Freestyle Round-up 2nd Place Amateur

- 2016 Big Rio Freestyle Contest 3rd Place Amateur

- 2015 World Freestyle Round-up 3rd Place Amateur

- 2015 World Freestyle Round-up 1st Place Longest Coconut Wheelie

- 2015 Big Rio Freestyle Contest 1st Place Amateur

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