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After School Care - Skateboarding and Scooter After School Program

Spring into skateboarding

Spring Break Camp

All new Spring Break camp at the West49 Indoor Skatepark, Spring into Skateboarding!


Spring into Skateboarding is a welcoming program for all abilities in a safe, controlled and fun environment, skateboard and scootering for ages 5 - 12. Our programs focus on breaking down the complex skills of riding a skateboard or scooter successfully and safely into bite size manageable pieces. Our expert coaches can offer advice for riders of all abilities.


We cover a variety of skills, exercises, programs and activities, both on and off the board to improve their board control and general body awareness. With our world class facility and a qualified staff, committed to the enjoyment and safety of all our campers, everyone is bound to have fun and learn many new skills.


Our staff are dedicated to skateboarding and love to share their passion and joy of skateboarding with the youth. We teach the children the importance of stretching, warming up, common sense, park etiquette, eating healthy and hydration.

Come join us today and learn something new!

Week 1

March 18 – 22



Week 2

March 25 – 29



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