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beginner to advanced

After School Lesson program

Skateboard training program designed for maximum progression

The West49 Indoor Skatepark is a world class skateboarding facility with a world class coaching staff. The STNTN KRW meets three times a week and covers everything you need to know to take your skateboarding to that next level and compete at your best.

The program teaches the students the importance of a dynamic stretching warm up and a static stretch or yoga session after riding to be able to ride everyday. The STNTN KRW covers topics like foam rolling, healthy eating, proper hydration and the importance of determination and dedication to achieve our goals. We will also cover how to prevent injuries and recover correctly after an injury to bounce back quicker and better than ever.


Our smooth concrete surface in the park helps reduce injury, board damage and improve rider consistency. We focus on all aspects of skateboarding both on and off a board and teach our classes how they should prepare for daily riding or for a major competitive event to ensure maximum success and safety.

Most importantly our programs are about having FUN and providing youth with a safe, welcoming and inspiring venue to push themselves and become the best they can be.


Choose one day a week, two days or all three days a week.


Register for multiple days and receive a discounted rate


1 day a week - $300

2 days a week - $550

3 days a week - $750

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 14.55.00.png

*Session 3 classes full*

***You will not receive a confirmation email once registered***

**if you have completed and submitted the registration form above you are confirmed registered for class. **


*We will not remove anyone from a class or over-book classes*

WE do not offer private lessons of any sort



The lesson programs we have available are listed above



boys and girls Ages 5-12

10 children max per class

Rental and safety equipment provided

Children should bring water and snacks to class

*5 children max per class*

Ages 6-14

Children should bring water and snacks to class

*Session 3 classes full*

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